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Highly Recommended

Melissa Ellis came highly recommended to me by a large national accounting firm which has a global affiliation. I had been their client for 20 plus years and needed a great tax attorney. Melissa was exactly who I needed.

She is very skilled in dealing with the IRS and knew exactly how to position my case. After analyzing my case and the options available to me, she recommended an Offer in Compromise. Not only did she have the solution, but she worked diligently on my books to make sure the IRS got everything needed to evaluate the offer.

Without Melissa and her keen sense of knowledge for preparing my case, I do not believe the IRS would have settled. Melissa not only settled my case, she saved me $350,000 in tax dollars.

-Dennis P.

Compassionate and Respectful

When we discovered that we owed the IRS over $100,000 we were frightened, confused and totally lost about what to do. That amount of money was more than we took home in one year and we knew the IRS could totally destroy us. Someone recommended Melissa to us. From the very first phone call, we knew we had found the professionalism, knowledge and experience we desperately needed. We also discovered Melissa to be extremely compassionate and respectful. Melissa was always available and always returned calls. She knew how to guide us through the complicated maze of IRS regulations while also comforting and reassuring us. We were finally able to settle with the IRS for less than $20,000 and go on with our lives. We could never thank Melissa enough!

-Glen and Nancy S.

Fast and Knowledgeable

We were surprised on scheduling the closing for our house that there was a federal tax lien on the property. We contacted Melissa who immediately began working with the IRS. Her fast and knowledgeable service resulted in the discharge of the lien and our closing took place as scheduled. We highly recommend Melissa.

-Joe and Margo C.

Super Professional

Melissa Ellis took a heavy and big tax legal situation off my shoulders, she’s effective and super professional. I absolutely will always recommend her and will always come back to her because she showed me, I was in good hands.

-Samantha V.

Professionalism and High Character

My recent experience with Melissa could not have gone better. As we worked through a multiyear significant IRS tax issue her expertise became apparent very early on. Melissa’s knowledge of tax code and law navigating a potential six figure tax liability was critical. As we communicated and worked through the Offer in Compromise process her professionalism and high character were always on display. In the end Melissa saved me nearly $130,000. I would not hesitate to recommend Melissa Ellis to any friend or colleague.

-John M.