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My goal is to help you move beyond your tax problems. Through thoughtful analysis, hard work, and carefully chosen methods, my goal is to allow my clients to put their tax problems decisively behind them.

Individuals and business entities often reach out to my firm through referrals from former clients, attorneys, and accountants who respect my work. With 21 years of experience resolving tax disputes, I am always eager to hear from potential clients. I will listen and make recommendations that will translate into real solutions for you. Contact me in San Antonio, Texas to get started.

My Services Encompass Diverse Tax Disputes

I have successfully handled numerous tax cases throughout my 21-year career before various administrative divisions of the IRS, Texas Comptroller, and Texas Workforce Commission, as well as in the United States Tax Court and the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

My practice encompasses a wide range of tax problems including:

  • Audits: IRS, Texas Comptroller (Sales Tax), and Texas Workforce Commission (Employment) Audits. It is best to get help with an audit as early as possible in the process. I will guide you through every stage of an audit and help you come out to the other side with the best possible result.

  • Assessment / Deficiency Issues: All IRS assessment issues, including Substitute Returns and responding to IRS Notices of Deficiency. It is critical that you respond timely to avoid losing your right to contest a deficiency in US Tax Court.

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  • Collection Defense: I will help you navigate complex IRS collection procedures and negotiate the best payment resolution possible. There is ALWAYS an option to resolve your case, including an installment agreement, offer in compromise, not collectible status, and assisting you with other defenses including innocent spouse, as well as filing appeals and taking your case to US Tax Court if necessary to get the best result.

  • Employment Tax Issues: Employment tax problems can snowball in a hurry. If your business owes back taxes or is not making its employment tax deposits, call me now. As with all IRS problems, it is important to get representation as early in the process as possible to minimize the damage. I will develop a plan for you to work your way out of the employment tax debt quagmire, negotiate with revenue and appeals officers, file appeals where appropriate to protect you, assist with trust fund recovery penalty issues against you personally, and help you get control of the situation.

  • Penalties: IRS penalties can be brutal. I have helped numerous individuals and businesses successfully pursue penalty abatement for all sorts of penalties including late filing, late payment, late federal tax deposits, accuracy-related penalties. and information return penalties such as Forms W2 and 1099, as well as IRS international penalties relating to Forms 5471 and 5472 information reporting with respect to foreign corporations and partnerships and certain foreign-owned U.S. corporations.

  • Federal Tax Lien: Federal Tax Liens can pop up out of nowhere when you least expect them. I will advise you regarding any tax lien issue you may have. Many times a client will call when they are selling property and discover at the last minute that there is a lien interfering with the closing. When this happens, you need help fast. I can help obtain a lien release, discharge, subordination, withdrawal, or other resolution as fast as possible depending on the facts of your case.

  • Refund Claims: I have helped clients pursue and obtain tax refunds. There are strict timelines and procedures that must be followed to successfully request a refund. I will assist you with the refund claim through IRS administrative procedures and take it to court if necessary to get the best result.

Let’s explore your options and discover promising pathways to resolve your tax problem.

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