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Complex laws, aggressive Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agents, looming deadlines, and a general lack of knowledge of your rights may have you feeling like you are drowning in your tax problems. You may feel like you are alone in your struggle but when you work with me, attorney Melissa Ellis, you are never alone.

I take an aggressive approach to resolving tax issues by partnering with you and getting to know your needs and goals. I then utilize my more than 21 years of tax law experience to stop the oncoming storm and calm the waters between you and the IRS as we work towards the best possible resolution for your unique situation.


No Tax Issue Is Too Complex

Before starting my law firm in 2006, I worked for a large law firm in Dallas resolving a wide range of tax matters from audit disputes and proposed deficiencies to unfiled tax returns and collection disputes. Over the course of my career, I have handled numerous cases at all administrative levels of the IRS and in U.S. Tax Court, as well as the U.S. Court of Federal Claims.

It is because of my background that I now have an in-depth understanding of IRS procedure and all of its intricacies. I understand the expectations of the IRS and how to negotiate to resolve matters.

I do not consider any tax issue too complex or out of reach for a positive resolution. It is this resolve that fuels my passion for working diligently and efficiently on behalf of my clients.

Meet Our Attorney

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Efficient. Diligent. Trustworthy.

I am humbled by the praise offered by former clients who I have helped over the past 21 years. I make the same promise to you as I did to them. I will always be:

  • Efficient and diligent
  • Honest and trustworthy
  • Analytical and detail oriented
  • Compassionate and understanding
  • Responsive and practical

My focus will be simple and resolute: to get you the best possible outcome and to resolve your tax issue in a timely manner.